The Sharing of Experience

Read testimonials from people who have planned and experienced services with us.

Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Henson & Kitchen Mortuary & Cremation Services. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“Words cannot express how Fred H. Kitchen and his A level team helped my family through our recent loss. From the very first phone call to the final farewell, Fred and his family were by our side, going above and beyond anything we could ever expect. One never knows how important it is not having to worry about the details of saying goodbye to a loved one, until it presents itself. We love this family and appreciate their 5 Star service to our family. They intentionally went the extra mile to make our entire experience as comforting as this time could possibly be. Thank you Henson and Kitchen Mortuary for holding our hand the entire time. - Mark, Angie Armstrong Caserta, Mike Armstrong, and the entire Caserta and Armstrong family.”

Mark and Angie Armstrong Caserta - Huntington WV

“When my Dad passed always 5 years ago, I was the one that had to follow through and go to the funeral home. When I arrived at Henson and Kitchen Mortuary, I was welcomed with hugs and condolences. This is the first time I met Fred and Amber Kitchen, every time I called with questions, every time I made a change and there were a few, they always treated me with kindness and understanding. When my brother passed away a year ago, the same way. Compassion, condolences and hugs again. Fred, Amber and the staff there are always the same loving and caring wonderful people. Them noticing that I don’t deal with loss very well. They would call, text days after the funeral to see how I was. That goes very far and beyond. With our tragic loss of Joann, I knew Henson and Kitchen would take care of her and help Nick with the service he wanted for her. A few days ago my brother has been gone a year and in the mail today I received a beautiful card from the Mortuary signed by Fred and Amber. With of all these wonderful jesters of kindness that mean so much when you lose a loved one. If they provide such care for me I know they are providing the care and respect for my family member that I’m hoping for. I can’t say enough of how I truly admire these wonderful people, that have taken care of my family at these times. I truly believe they are there for you the family and understand your grieving pain and not just for the business. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Henson & Kitchen, Fred H. Kitchen, Amber, Dakota, Butch, Dustin.”

Verdonna Cremeans Childers - Ona, WV

“Jamie Lawrence Fred and his family provide a stabilizing comfort in tumultuous circumstances.”

Jamie Lawrence - Huntington, WV

“Fred H. Kitchen is a good man who has taken care of my family with enormous compassion.”

Thom Boggs - Huntington, WV

“I think honestly that Henson and Kitchen Mortuary is the best funeral home that I've ever been to! My son-in-laws father passed away and was buried by his Mom at another local funeral home. So, the funeral home that held the funeral, I was appalled at it all. They didn't welcome guests at the door, was unorganized, had the family to carry all the flowers to the grave, etc. It just makes us more super happy and appreciate that I know you, respect you, love you and consider you to be family and friend and our family funeral director.”

Sonja Thompson - Huntington, WV

“Absolutely amazed by the care shown by Fred and his staff. Great experience (circumstances withstanding), and they made everything as easy as possible for our family as we had to lay my Brother to rest. They made us feel at home and were very helpful and patient with us in the decision making process. Thank you again to Fred and all of the staff, you all were amazing.”

Dallas Adkins - Huntington, WV

“I am beyond grateful for the great care we have received from Henson & Kitchen Mortuary during this most difficult time in our lives. From the very first phone call with Fred after my brother passed, I knew we were in great hands. Thank you, Fred. You made this whole process as easy as possible and helped us walk this out from beginning to end. You have been wonderful to our family, and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support.”

Sara Daniels - Huntington, WV

“Thank you Fred H. Kitchen @ Henson-Kitchen & Mortuary. You guys treated us like family and made our sadness such a peaceful and smooth process. It truly helps having a Christian atmosphere. We can’t thank you enough for honoring our pappaw and making his memory unforgettable. - Denver Due Family”

Denver Gue Family - Barboursville, WV

“You all are truly amazing people, we have had the pleasure of getting to know you all during some very hard times in our life. I greatly appreciate the time and the compassion you shown us during the passing of our grandparents, parents and other family members. I appreciate you all for helping my future daughter in laws family out during their difficult time. I have to say that this is one of the best mortuaries in this area. You all are truly a God send. I highly would and do recommend you all to a lot of people. Thanks again! God Bless.”

Juanita Webb - South Point, OH

“Everyone of you were great at the worst times of our lives. Not only were you compassionate and professional, but you were also personable and friendly. Mom was happy with the way you handled Daddy's arrangements. So satisfied that she picked your company for herself. You helped so much when we lost her unexpectedly. I was still reeling and you were like a shoulder to lean on. We all, as a family, appreciate that, and more than that, you treated us as family. I like the small business, friendly service that you have. You have a wonderful reputation and I would wholeheartedly recommend your company.”

Carla Graley Smith - Huntington, WV

“I've attended funerals at Henson and Kitchen Mortuary since I was a kid in the 80's and it's always been a very professional and caring place. I grew more fond of it when my mother and father died...the care they take of the deceased and family is simply outstanding in a time when you don't need to worry about a single thing. Fred and Charlie (and staff) are a treasure to the Barboursville community:)”

John Flemming - Barboursville, WV

“These fellows did an absolutely fantastic job. They were personable, friendly, professional, and caring. They were willing to accommodate our family's needs. They were so supportive and guiding in this difficult time. We greatly appreciated their help. The facility is absolutely beautiful as well. Thank you! - Kristin Atwell”

Nippon Tungston, U.S.A. - Barboursville, W.Va.

“Our family has been serviced by the funeral home since it opened. So happy with the caring & professional way they continue to take care of people that come thru their door regardless of their financial situation. We all are upset and sometimes unable to think clearly when we have just lost our loved one. The Henson and Kitchen staff has always been able to meet our needs, lay out all the options and allow us to make the decisions that fit our family. They make our loved ones look wonderful. They They meet and greet you at the door and give support to grieving families! I have gone to visitations at most of the other funeral homes in our area and in my opinion none of them top this one.”

Joyce Martin Jordan - Huntington, WV

“Fred and his entire staff were beyond wonderful when Mack passed. I'll be forever grateful!! I gained a friend!! - Dr. Mack Gillenwater”

Linda Gillenwater - Huntington, WV

“Fred H. Kitchen and his family became our family after Justin passed away. There aren’t words eloquent enough to describe Fred’s love and care to Justin and our grieving family! We love him, Amber and their team immensely!”

Carolyn Collins - Huntington, WV

“A special thank you to Fred H. Kitchen and Henson & Kitchen Funeral Home on East Pea Ridge in Huntington for the absolutely beautiful Celebration of Life and Memorial Service they gave my precious sweet Basf Chemical Plant coworker and my best friend Irvin Hager today 9-13-18. Irvin was a wonderful man that had a heart of gold towards everyone everywhere. He so deserved all the honor that he received today and taking his last ride to Heaven in their gorgeous hearse.Thank You Fred Kitchen and staff you went beyond the call of duty to honor him.”

Joyce Thompson - Huntington, WV September 13, 2018

“Most honest, dignified, and comforting funeral home that I have ever used or visited. Professional staff and immaculate facilities...well deserving of the title " Best of the Tri-State"!”

Mark Ratcliff - Milton, WV

“We laid my hubby to rest today with military honors. The service was amazing! I want to thank Fred Kitchen of Kitchen Henson Funeral Home for their amazing work that was done on my husband. His body was ravaged and diseased with Lou Gehrigs Disease and I was so astonished at the beautiful work he did to make my husband look like he had never been sick. Hubby was honored and respected and the family was cared for and made to feel very special! I would highly recommend this wonderful and dedicated place if you ever have a need for that kind of service to allow them to honor your loved one and your family. Our family was so blessed to have them perform this need. Fred we love and thank you!”

Teresa Mays, Milton, WV

“Fred & his staff go above and beyond. He honors and respects a family’s wants and needs with sincere kindness. And unlike most businesses, this is not just a business to him -but obviously God’s calling on his life to comfort and support a family through every step. Also unlike most businesses, the follow through and communication are beyond excellent. He is so attentive to others needs to every detail. My family was guided through every decision. But it was a gentle guidance where he still encouraged us to do what WE the family wanted for our loved one and he supported by providing whatever we needed: tables, easels, snacks, drinks, etc. He’s also extremely tech savvy! Photos, slide show, bulletin design and so on. I can’t say enough about Henson and Kitchen Mortuary and all they did for our family. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts. - Wayne Porter Family”

Kathy Porter Smith - Salt Rock, WV

“Henson and Kitchen Mortuary has shown a genuine compassion and concern for our family through a difficult life changing time. Your continued support after my husbands passing has encouraged me to make it through many days that seemed impossible.. We are forever Blessed Fred and Amber Kitchen and your staff by your kindness. - Thank You!”

Rhonda Short - Huntington, WV

“Henson & Kitchen Mortuary provides an outstanding service. We lost our son while on active duty in the Marine Corps. Their services was far beyond what we ever expected. They certainly became part of our family. They are filled with love and compassion. Their accommodations left us speechless and touched our hearts beyond measure, more than they will ever know. XOXO”

Jennifer Long - Barboursville, WV

“So thankful for the care and compassion that Henson & Kitchen Mortuary show to families who are in a time of loss, like ours. They truly treat you like a member of the family and take care of everything with amazing service. A family owned and operated class act all the way, serving this community for many years and surely for many more to come.”

Chad Lovejoy - Huntington, WV

“No funeral is a good funeral. Having said that, I will say this... The sudden passing of my Beloved Wife of 45 plus years this past July was the hardest and most difficult thing I have ever gone through in my life. Making the decision on which funeral home to call was also difficult. My wife's family had always used Wallace funeral home in Barboursville. But that little voice inside me said, call Henson and Kitchen Mortuary. I had never had dealings with them before, but I am thankful I did this time. The entire staff, especially Fred Kitchen went out of their way to be as comforting and helpful as they could. Through the entire process of caring for my Dear, Precious Wife, Fred helped ease the burden we were carrying. Fred and the staff at Henson and Kitchen Mortuary are good Christian people and I thank GOD for the kindness they showed our family during our darkest hours.”

David Dean - Barboursville, WV