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We offer custom made Monuments and Memorials and may be delivered and installed in any cemetery in our local geography. 

We offer granite, marble and bronze monuments and memorials. Many families have told us that the cost savings from purchasing from Henson & Kitchen is oftentimes 30%-50% less than a cemetery or monument company. 

We simply maintain small margins and don’t have to pay layered commissions to multiple sales persons and managers which all increases the final cost to you. We purchase the best granite, marble and bronze from the most reputable manufacturers here in the U.S. Our monuments and memorials offer a complete manufacturers warranty, which covers any defects that in the unlikely event a defect may occur with the memorial. 

If your monument or marker is damaged within a perpetual care cemetery after it has been installed and inspected and is concluded to be damaged by cemetery maintenance crew’s due to mowing, weed eating, burials, heavy equipment operation, etc. the cemetery should accept responsibility for the damages they incur. 

We take photos of the memorials upon completion of installation to insure that you have a documented proof of its condition upon setting of the memorial. Keep in mind that each cemetery requires a “Setting Fee and Document Fees” this is a fee they charge to set your memorial for you. 

Feel free to contact us regarding monuments and memorials for your family.