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From soothing room ambiance to the right musical selections and pleasant fragrances and to our well manicured properties, Henson & Kitchen Mortuary is a place like none other. Visit us, pay respect, celebrate life and take in the environment. We hold community events ranging from healing workshops to funeral home tours.

Our location.

Learn exactly where we are, plus how and when to arrive.

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We love to host a tour or help you find a group for support.


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    The Estate and Memorial Guide is very professional and comprehensive guide sharing information on topics such as legal, estate planning, probate, grief, what to do checklists, funeral and cremation planning, cemetery planning, writing an obituary, collecting vital statistics, final wishes capturing and much more. It's an all-inclusive planning guide like none other and top it off it's exclusive to our area.

    Several of our well-respected local businesses are represented in the guide as the go-to businesses for legal, estate planning, probate, real estate, floral, funeral, cremation, insurance and assisted living needs.

Events & Ceremonies

Our funeral home plays host to many local community and private events. For your family, we can be a beautiful venue for a gathering for your own special event, or come attend an event that we host.

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